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Systematica is commercial partner of seven leading companies in the software industry for transportation planning, traffic engineering, infrastructural engineering and land planning.

Cube by Citilabs, consolidated, structured and flexible software used to model the entire transport analysis process.

Paramics Discovery by SIAS/SYSTRA, innovative software used to dynamically microsimulate traffic phenomena, which has an exceptional graphic interface.

Legion SpaceWorks by Legion, the leading pedestrian simulation software for complex spaces.

The software systems by MAIOR, avant-garde solutions developed ad hoc for Public Administrations and Public Transport Authorities, Public Transport Company, Railways and Airlines.

Rotor by OBx, the only Italian software, updated with the new Ministerial Decree 19/04/2006, that allows to verify and design (in CAD environment) any roundabout intersections.

The software by TRL (ARCADY, PICADY, OSCADY, TRANSYT), junction design software of the most popular and widely used traffic design packages in the world for a wide variety of assessment and modelling work.

Systematica, in order to continue better supporting the current and potential users of AutoTrack, has launched a business partnership with One Team (Autodesk Platinum Partner).