Urban and National Transportation Planning

An overall and comprehensive vision and planning of transportation networks on the National and Urban scales continuously prove to be a keystone in general infrastructure planning processes for accommodating economic future growth in countries and cities. A number of factors, such as population growth, changing mobility trends and dynamics, socio-economic and socio-demographic indicators, Gross Domestic Product and many others, define the basic needs and steer the future living conditions of cities and countries. This require a rigorous planning process and application of methods that allow to accommodate for these changes and achieve, from a transportation and mobility perspective, a balanced planned transportation network and a well-integrated mobility system.

Transportation Planning and studies are accompanied by demand forecast modeling and scientific-based advanced simulations that assist the planning and engineering team to validate their hypotheses through evidences and dynamic/static simulations.

All simulation platforms are supported and calibrated through extensive field traffic surveys of predefined cordons and screen lines that are managed and coordinated by Systematica’s team of planners and engineers.

Systematica, since the outset of its activities, has developed a number of Road and Transportation Master Plans on urban and national levels of cities that vary in scale and complexity, in countries with complex political and socio-demographic historical and current conditions. This experience has provided the team with analytical and processing capabilities and techniques that go beyond the mere technical engineering approach that is often applied, however a new approach is devised to put in relation social and planning complexities together with computed engineering and forecast models where decisions are based on a direct dialogue with main stakeholders and actors with different interests at different levels at different governance levels.


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