Traffic Engineering

Road traffic is increasing and road networks are getting always more congested due to high vehicular pressure, in dense urban areas as well as in other context; in order to resolve and provide adequate solution to more articulated and critical traffic patterns, the traffic engineering industry is called to expand its range of technical and functional responses and explore more sophisticated and cutting edge solutions; in order to ensure an efficient and safe movement of people and goods, traffic engineering has always been one of the central consultancy service of Systematica, aimed at providing the most effective technical solution in terms of both transport infrastructure and design as well as traffic management techniques, to include sophisticated traffic-adaptive signal systems, innovative ITS solutions, real-time information devises, etc.

Traffic simulation and Transport modelling represent a fundamental analytical support, aimed at evaluating the efficiency of proposed solutions with scientific, evidence-based arguments; the modelling dimension of traffic engineering services includes wide area static territorial models, dynamic microsimulation tools, static capacity analysis tools and agent-based pedestrian models.

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