Pedestrian Flow Analysis

For years Systematica has been utilizing pedestrian simulation codes, for all types of pedestrian flow analytical studies in critical environments with a significant pedestrian flow peak load and complexity, such as transport nodes, high-rise buildings, masses of people gathering events like stadia, fair exhibitions, etc.

In particular, Systematica has made extensive use of Legion®, produced by Legion Ltd®, the most advanced available pedestrian simulation tool which is widely used in the transport engineering domain.

The main objective of the pedestrian flow analysis is to foresee and assess project characteristics and design specificities measured according to both physical and psychological parameters:

Spatial capacity and project performance can be hence measured and all critical aspects can be approached and resolved with appropriate corrective and mitigation measures; the results of simulations can be analyzed graphically through 3D animation, colour coded performance maps, statistical reports and graphs, all of which are excellent for sharing results with a technical and non-technical audience.

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