Road and Parking Design

Analyzing, planning and designing several parking structures in different cities around the World, Systematica is a worldwide pioneer in Parking Consultancy with more than 50,000 studied and simulated car parking places a year. Systematica acts as a specialist consultant to verify design effectiveness of parking areas inside complex buildings and independent parking structures, to carry out complex parking demand computations for estimating the real need beyond the strict statutory requirements, to model and simulate vehicular and pedestrian traffic inside complex parking structures for highlighting congestion situations and capacity shortfall at entry/exit gates and portals and to provide detailed indications regarding system dimensioning and shortfalls as well as layout efficiency. This includes also spatial verifications to ensure adequate safety levels in terms of visibility, especially in parking structures where columns and similar structural elements obstruct vision and lead to unsafe conditions for both pedestrians and vehicles.

Floor lining is another crucial aspect for achieving efficient and functional parking areas. Previous studies and analyses provide planners with indications regarding the most appropriate paths, circulation schemes inside parking areas and access systems. Floor lining follows rigorous drawing and design guidelines and standards and is drawn to respond to safety and security issues.

Systematica designs road infrastructure to a preliminary level for defining the basic geometries needed for achieving an adequate Level of Service and an appropriate throughput capacity at road links and junctions. This study is based on road engineering knowledge, international standards and textbooks, latest research on techniques and technologies and effective software and tools that put in relation vehicular speed to required maneuvering geometries.


City Life - Dynasim parking simulation

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