executive board

Giovanni Bottini

Partner, Architect
Giovanni M. Bottini is a fully licensed architect with a solid experience in design, management and consulting. He is founder and owner of GMB Design, architecture studio since 1988; partner and board member of Systematica S.r.l. and founder partner of Systematica Middle East. He has a specialization in architectural design, space planning and project management and all inter-professional implications. Collaborates with Politecnico of Milan. Currently president of Cobaty Italia, International association for constructions, environment and urbanism, Board Member of Cobaty International in Bruxelles. Vice President of Federimmobiliare. Past president of the Rotary Club Milano Nord Ovest, Paul Harris Felloship awarded.

Diego Deponte

Partner, Engineer
Diego Deponte is a transport planner with an extensive knowledge in urban transport assessment and transport modeling. Over his career, he has been involved on a wide range of projects and studies for public and private sector clients alike, gaining valuable experience in Italy, UK, Europe and United Arab Emirates as well as in other International contests and using a significant number of different transport planning and traffic engineering tools.

Rawad Choubassi

Partner, Architect
Rawad Choubassi joined Systematica in 2008, in which he acts as a senior manager and leads on a number of projects in Italy and abroad, including Morocco, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Russia, France and several others. His Arabic mother tongue and his fluent English and Italian, as well as his intermediate French speaking skills, helped him to act as a bridging component in several international contexts, hence acquiring a hands-on experience in management and planning of large developments and capital projects.

Costantino Ruscigno

Partner, Lawyer
Costantino Ruscigno is a lawyer with a strong background regarding urban planning and transport legislation. Partner and Legal Advisor of Systematica S.r.l., he is owner of Ruscigno & Partners Consulting and partner of the Law Firm Mantini e Associati since 1999. He is a founding partner of Centro Studi ALSPES, a research center that focuses on political, economical and social studies, and director of the European Centre for Research and Training for Development in Mediterranean Europe. He contributes to the Magazine “Rivista Giuridica dell'Edilizia” and teaches at Bocconi University and at the Politecnico of Milan, in several branches of the Engineer Faculty in Lecco, Piacenza and Milan.

Claudia Ponti

Partner, Engineer
Claudia Ponti has in depth knowledge of national, regional and local planning data. She has undertaken many traffic impact studies and designed and implemented traffic surveys. She has a degree in Transport Engineering at Politecnico di Milano and is working in Systematica on complex transport models and on large scale transport models. While working for Systematica she developed an analysis methodology on the effect of commercial activities on traffic and now she works on projects related to analysis of potential demand, DSS and environmental Impact Assessment.

Tushar Parekh

Partner of Systematica India
Tushar Parekh has been with Systematica India since it was established in 2011 and is based out of Mumbai, the commercial capital of India. Tushar has been jointly responsible for establishing the India outpost of Systematica; India a rapidly growing market for mobility solutions. Tushar continues to develop the local market and has built a local team in its Mumbai office. Tushar speaks, English, Hindi and multiple regional languages, and has worked in various different industries, and have at different times lived in the United States and India.

Serge Yazigi

Partner of Systematica Middle East
Serge Yazigi has been working as a Consultant in the field of Architecture and Urban Planning since 93 . He founded the Urban Academic Observatory – Majal in Balamand University Lebanon. He has an extensive experience in master planning for localities and cities as well as contributed to the formulation of several urban and sustainable development strategies in Lebanon as well as Machrek and Maghreb area.