Milan Ortomercato Master Plan

Milan’s Ortomercato (Fruit Wholesale Market) is one of the biggest in Italy. Currently there is the need for a renovation plan,  aiming to reposition its facilities, services and, at a broader sense, its role at international level. With this aim, an international competition is launched by Sogemi SpA, with the purpose of re-thinking the Ortomercato’s master plan within a wider and multi-scaled framework: from the neighbourhood to the national scale.

Systematica together with Proger (Team Leader), ABDR, FOA and other consultants are awarded the first prize and are appointed to develop a feasibility study and a preliminary master plan, including new public functions, new polarities, better connections with the immediate context, etc.

Systematica develops all mobility, transportation, traffic and parking components of the project, with a special focus on:  achieving a better connectivity through the most adequate access system for both pedestrian and vehicular flows; a future-proof solution in relation to the evolving road infrastructure scenarios in the study area, and; several other inter-related issues that determine the complexity of the project.

Image beside: A rendered View of a Detail of the Master Plan Proposal (Image Courtesy: Proger)

Images below:  Volume/Capacity Diagram of Road Network; Circulation Scheme for Restricted Areas; A Rendered View of the Loading Bays from the Park (Image Courtesy: Proger)

Milan Ortomercato Master Plan