Iran Mall development, currently under construction, will be the largest retail destination in Iran and one of the largest in the world, with nearly 1m sqm of mixed-use development. The project is located in the North-Western outskirts of the city of Tehran, in a district that currently witnesses a rapid development.

Systematica is involved as specialist sub-consultant of Amoodrah, Iranian engineering firm in charge of the infrastructural design of the mall, for all issues related to mobility and traffic. In particular, the initial phases of the project includes a comprehensive analytic study of the project’s opportunities, with the identification of the main strategies to be implemented for improving accessibility, parking management, taxis, valet, shuttle bus services, deliveries, pedestrian movements and vertical transportation within the car park and the retail areas.

The main challenge consists in seamlessly integrating the Western Expansion development, which includes a 60+ storeys tower and 6000+ car park places designed by NORR, with the mall building currently under construction. All proposals have been tested and validated through dynamic simulations, both for vehicles, with Dynasim by Citylabs, and pedestrians, with Legion SpaceWorks by Legion.