Systematica is Specialist Consultant to Project Meganom for the International Design Competition for the Architectural and Urban Planning Concept of the ‘Serp & Molot’ factory in Moscow. The project is located on the eastern side of Moscow in a former industrial site.

The area of the masterplan is completely pedestrian, implying a complex redesign of the external road system to guarantee satisfying vehicular accessibility. Moreover, the dimensions and complexity of the regeneration project represent challenging elements requiring a sound transport strategy.

To this concern, Systematica provides scientific tools, among these: 1) the origin/destination analysis, aimed at assessing the impacts of the traffic generated by the project’s future users on the existing network, and; 2) PTAL (Public Transport Accessibility Level) measuring the densities of public transport services and accessibility.

Systematica estimates the parking demand and the travel demand forecast determining future traffic conditions and congestion levels, with the aim of dimensioning preliminarily the necessary road interventions. A more in-depth analysis explores shared parking strategy in order to optimize parking utilization.

Simulation tools are extensively used in order to predict parameters that can be useful to interpret the public spaces, among these: expected pedestrian flows, visibility of the areas, areas openness, connectivity and accessibility. Soft mobility for cycling is one of the focus on the planned transport strategy: cycling connections and bike sharing stations are proposed in order to enhance active transport modes.