The Project is located in the coastal area bounded by two cities of Umluj and Al Wajh located in the west of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia along the Red Sea. The approximate site area is 34,000 sqKm with over 200Km shoreline. The competition involves the translation of the Vision into a concept master plan for Project by transforming the Umluj & Wajh region into a unique destination for exquisite luxury tourism with a strong focus on island resorts and waterfront development, health and wellness, while enhancing the existing natural and cultural resources of the area.

Systematica joins the design team to plan the transport and mobility strategy, based on a scientific-based travel demand assessment and forecasts. The mobility strategy consists in a three-tier structure comprised of three levels of connectivity: inter-connections between the outside world, infra-connections between the different nodes and poles of the master plan, and local connections within each node.

The aim at the base of these three levels of connectivity is to define a multi-scale and multi-modal mobility network, able to comfortably accommodate every trip made by all guests visiting the Project.

Systematica proposes an adaptable, low impact and innovative set of transport modes, ranging from ground to air and maritime transport, together with a non-invasive infrastructure system, in order to preserve the natural characteristics of the area. The final goal of the proposed strategy is to reinvent mobility as a new and innovative paradigm.