Driverless: More or Less?

Driverless More or Less Book

Systematica is pleased to inform you about the release of our latest publication “Driverless: More or Less?”.

The monograph focuses on the impact of the most anticipated driverless revolution on cities and urban transportation and investigates the extent to which it will alter the science of traffic engineering and transport planning.

It seeks to develop measurement tools and units that make it possible to rethink and reinvent the toolkit and the traffic engineering concepts to the expected challenges associated with making inclusive, equitable and sustainable cities that can adapt to the upcoming changes.

The concept of “more or less” is an exploratory exercise, a modest attempt, to predict the different facets of this revolution, to read and analyze the transformation process through the consideration of both the negatives and positives associated with this movement.

The book includes both Systematica’s past and latest experiences and pilot projects as well as researches done by our “Transform Transport” research unit that is focused on innovative mobility solutions.

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