Fondazione Transform Transport Launch

220527 FTT Launch

On May 11, Systematica celebrated the launch of its research foundation Fondazione Transform Transport with collaborators, friends, and professionals from the mobility engineering field, at the Fonderia Napoleonica Eugenia in Milan. 

Since its establishment in 1989 by Fabio Casiroli, Systematica has thrived in challenging the status quo of transport planning and mobility engineering and seeking new approaches to support sustainable growth through scientific research. 

During the event, we presented Transform Transport’s books, peer-reviewed open access papers, and its research approach through various projects aligned with Systematica’s vision, exploring how disruptive technologies, increasingly and rapidly influencing urban mobility, can have a positive impact on cities, neighborhoods, and buildings.

We also revealed some of the foundation’s plans for 2022. This year, Transform Transport will be submitting over ten proposals to the European Union scientific research initiative ‘Horizon Europe’ and other European/ national institutions that would be funding the projects in the following years. It will also keep promoting and developing research studies, disseminating them through books, publications, conferences, public talks, and events, and actively participating in lectures, talks, and hackathons in partnership with Universities, mentoring and sharing methodologies with students.

We are delighted to share with you a short video of the event.

Stay tuned for many more projects!

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