Systematica and RPBW for Genova Blue Print


Renzo Piano Building Workshop invited Systematica to join the work team for the recently presented Blue Print, the master plan for Porto Antico di Levante (Eastern Ancient Port) of Genova.

After twenty-two years from the Requalification Plan of the central core of Porto Antico, undertaken for the EXPO 1992 held in Genova,  RPBW proposes an extension towards East of said Plan with the aim of connecting the Port to the International Fair. According to the Blue Print, the planned reconnection will occur through a new pedestrian flyover of 3 km, conceived as an urban balcony overlooking the Port and its activities, and a new waterway.

As stated by Renzo Piano, during the official ceremony of presentation in October 2014, the Blue Print does not aim at adding volumes to the city, on the contrary, it aims at subtracting it and removing all the obstacles to the direct connection between the city of Genova and its Port.

For more information about the project, please visit the dedicated page.

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