Horizon 2020 DIAMOND Project is presented at CIVITAS


Systematica presented the Horizon 2020 DIAMOND project at the CIVITAS Forum Conference 2019 in Graz, Austria, on behalf of the project consortium. The 17th edition of Europe’s top sustainable urban mobility event gathered the leading figures in the sector from across the globe.

The presentation, titled “Women in transport: policies and practice for inclusive mobility planning”, was focused on the overall methodology of the DIAMOND project and the different types of data that will be gathered and analysed for each of the four use-cases of the project.

Andrea Gorrini, Senior Transport Research Consultant at Systematica, illustrated how socio-demographic and travel demand data is being used for selecting and analysing relevant metro and urban rail stations in Barcelona and Warsaw, in collaboration with the railway and public transport local authorities.

The DIAMOND project is a research project aimed to convert data into knowledge with notions of impartiality to support the inclusion of women in current and future transport systems as transport users and as professionals in the sector.

See the link for more information about the event and the presentation.

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