Re-Imagining Guomao Intersection in Beijing

Guomao Intersection

Systematica supported the team led by BAM (Ballistic Architecture Machine) in developing transport and mobility engineering studies for re-Imagining Guomao Intersection located in the hyper-busy Central Business District of Beijing.

Guomao Intersection, a complex urban landscape re-imagined, is a great example of hybrid infrastructure, which can be adopted to similar cases of fast growing mega cities around the globe, to provide more human-centered places.

Jacob Walker illustrated his view for the Guomao Intersection – see the recent Yixi Talk (the Chinese equivalent of Ted Talks) by BAM, in which Jake recounted the complexity of the project site, its diverse users and the significant role of mobility consultants in such projects.

The intersection is 21 hectares and 38% of it is roads, although designed for Automobiles only, driving through the intersection is actually the slowest way to get through it. During peak traffic hours, it is faster to walk through the intersection, which given its massive size can take more than 8 minutes to cross. It is almost always faster to ride a bike through the intersection than to drive.

Systematica analyzed the traffic data collected from the site and modelled several infrastructure scenarios proposed by designers using cutting-edge micro simulation software. This provided the design team with an evidence-based assessment of each option.

See the link to BAM website to know more about the project.

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