Systematica for Ortomercato in Milan


The Milanese Ortomercato (Fruit Market), one of the Italian points of reference in the sector, aims to reposition its facilities, services and role at the heart of European panorama. With this aim, an international competition was launched by SOGEMI, with the purpose of re-thinking the Ortomercato’s master plan within a wider framework of reference, from the neighbourhood to the national scale.

Systematica together with Proger (Team Leader), ABDR, FOA and several other specialist consultants were awarded the first prize and are appointed to develop a feasibility study and a preliminary master plan, based on the principle ideas put forward during the competition, in terms of new public functions, new polarities, better connections with the immediate context, etc.

Systematica developed all mobility, transportation, traffic and parking components of the project, with a special focus on achieving better connectivity through the most adequate access system for both pedestrian and vehicular flows, a future-proof solution in relation to the evolving road infrastructure scenarios in the study area and several other inter-related issues that determine the complexity of the project.

For more information about the project, please visit the dedicated page.

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