Systematica Is Awarded Railway Stations Varese Competition


Systematica is part of the team, steered by the Engineering Company Corbellini Srl and the Architectural Firm Open Building Research (OBR), which has been awarded the competition for the urban requalification project of the “Railway Stations” district of Varese.

The aim of the rehabilitation process is to improve urban quality, social inclusiveness and safety as well as support economic growth through the reconfiguration of the urban spaces and all mobility-related infrastructures and facilities, paying due regard to the overall permeability and connectivity of this crucial urban centrality. In this sense, the project represents a unique opportunity to deliver a well-integrated and efficient “intermodal urban transit hub” where all transport systems and mobility services – 2 train stations, urban and extra-urban bus services, taxi, sharing services, cycling, walking, etc. -, at both territorial and urban levels, would converge.

Apart from traffic assessment and road design activities, Systematica will support all mobility-related aspects of the project, with a special focus on walkability by ensuring effective and seamless pedestrian connections within the urban portion and between the integrated transport hub and the system of open public spaces, the city centre and other neighbourhoods through ad hoc modelling and innovative reading of the urban built environment. Moreover, the operational launch of the new strategic railway connection between Varese and Mendrisio (Switzerland) expected to occur by the end of 2017, will reinforce the territorial accessibility of the city, strategically located between Milan, the new Post-Expo development, Malpensa Airport and Lugano, resulting in an increasing pressure on the transits node.

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