Systematica presented its research on the regeneration of Corso Buenos Aires

Corso Buenos Aires Milano

Systematica presented its latest research on Urban Regeneration of Corso Buenos Aires – main shopping corridor of Milan and one of the densest in Europe – at “La Via del Nord-Est di Milano” Conference, organized by Municipality of Milan.

The research entitled “Unveiling the Hidden Assets of Corso Buenos Aires”, which was developed by our research unit “Transform Transport”, investigates hidden qualities and characteristics, highlighting the value of the major shopping street through analytical tools and thematic maps.

The main objective of the study is to initiate a dialogue between users, inhabitants and neighbourhood managers to unveil the hidden potential of the corridor. In particular, Systematica’s study proposes widening sidewalks, eliminating one vehicle lane on each direction or traffic and implementing a cycling path. The application of these changes would lead to a reduction of 416 cars and 1.61 kg of carbon emission per hour on Corso Buenos Aires.

See the event’s write-up in Corriere della Sera and Urban File for more information about the project.

More detailed description of the project can be found here and this is the link to the full research document.


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