Variante 200 Master Plan Unveiled in Torino


On December 6th 2013, in the main lecture hall of the Campus Einaudi of the Università di Torino, the design team ToMake! and the Torino municipality officers, at the presence of the mayor unveiled the master plan Variante 200, a large redevelopment project in the north east of Torino. The design process was at the forefront of urban development in Italy, including from the early stages the issues of regulation, governance, financial and environmental sustainability. Systematica participated to the design group as transport and mobility consultant within the environmental sustainability sector, covering a wide range of issues, from the M2 subway line to local mobility, shared transportation systems and street design. The approach of Systematica, shared by all the ToMake! team, has been to include in the benefits of the master plan the whole neighbourhood, instead of focusing only on accessibility of the project; thus extending the benefits of the new underground line beyond its own corridor and far into Barriera di Milano neighbourhood to enhance a requalification of the existing district as well.

For more information about the project, please visit the dedicated page.

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