Systematica was appointed to carry out the Due Diligence study aimed at evaluating traffic impact, which the additional vehicular traffic induced by the Amazon new Delivery Stations located in various cities around Italy, are expected to generate on the surrounding road network.

The primary aim of this appraisal consists of evaluating the overall sustainability of the projects in terms of road traffic due to the increase of the Light Good Vehicles (LGVs) traffic component. Systematica conducted a survey in each location with the aim to evaluate the actual traffic patterns (volumes and queues), as well as to evaluate the geometric and functional characteristics of the road networks.

Systematica, for each area, conducted the analysis by assessing the Reference Scenario, which depicts either current or short-term conditions without the Delivery Station and the resulting traffic demand, and the Project Scenario, on which the induced traffic demand is added on top of the existing conditions to estimate the related impact.

To estimate of the traffic impact on the surrounding road network, a specific static operational assessment has been undertaken by using SIDRA Intersection® to quantitative evaluate the overall operational level of the most relevant junctions across the study area in terms of Level of Service, delays and queues, based on latest HCM2010 methodology.