Avenida Marginal Plan is a Partial Urban Plan for the coastal area of the capital city of Mozambique: Maputo. Conceived as in implementation plan of Maputo Structural Plan, which involves a larger and more complex area, it is aimed at developing an overall territorial strategy on which the future economic and social framework of Avenida Marginal waterfront shall be based. The overall surface of the site area is 2,600 ha and is limited by the Indian Ocean on the East, and Avenida J. Nyerere on the West. The area has a multi-fold fabric, being partially urbanised and partially covered with green areas that can be distinguished by its agricultural fields, abandoned lands and wetlands, important for the presence of the mangroves. As there is no planning tool already in force many portions of the site are currently subject to uncontrolled and scattered development processes: the definition of an overall strategy is therefore needed. The cultural and methodological approach that will be followed are based on the predominant criteria of sustainability, adaptability and participation. Within this framework Systematica will define the principles of transportation planning and mobility engineering by setting strategic objectives such as improving accessibility to all areas through all modes and systems; prioritizing public transportation; promoting railway system for both passengers and freight; improving condition for pedestrian mobility; identify potential intermodal hubs and a parking strategy within the study area. Systematica will also forecast future traffic growth and traffic generated by future development and redevelopment proposals.