The Project is a mixed-use development with a dominating residential component. Total Gross Floor Area of the development is around 70,000 sqm and more than 60% of built-up area is for residential use. In addition to residential assets, the development hosts offices and retail areas. The development site is located along the Sultan Qaboos Street in Muscat which longitudinally cross the entire city. Due to Sultan Qaboos Road ramp configuration, the development cannot be reached directly from the Sultan Qaboos highway, but through inner surrounding roads.

Systematica’s support is aimed at verifying and improving accessibility and parking layout. To design the best solution a number of urban scale studies are developed in order to understand catchment area and preferable access path for different city areas. Also a comprehensive trip generation study is elaborated to assess the exact number of vehicles expected every day. Moreover different parking solutions are proposed, also including access control systems.