The Leonardo da Vinci international airport, located in Fiumicino (Rome) underwent a comprehensive renovation project envisaging the reorganization of the Master Plan. The design of the future airport includes adding new functions related to passengers and external users. The main aim of the renovation project is to transform the airport to an airport city. To support the expected increase in mobility demand, the new Master Plan foresees the implementation of a People Mover aiming to enhance the connectivity of the airport area and its surroundings and to ensure a dedicated Public Transport link towards the railway stations in the proximity.

Systematica is appointed to provide the consultancy services focusing on estimating the current and expected mobility demand, for both passengers and goods. Furthermore, the study assessed the forthcoming parking demand for private users through an in-depth analysis of impacts implied by different scenarios of the airport development and aimed to provide a full-fledged feasibility study for the implementation of the future People Mover.