Systematica is part of the International team selected by Arexpo to reimagine the former site of Milan World Expo 2015, extending over 1 million square meters. The Master Plan is developed by Lendlease and will provide Milan with a new paradigm for the cities of the future. The winning team’s vision of a theme Park for Science, Knowledge and Technology envisages a pioneering project, hinged on three core-elements: 1) LINEAR PARK, that will be the longest in Europe, being located on the former EXPO’s Decumanus; 2) COMMON GROUND, a two-floor high space all across the master plan, animated by a lively mix of plazas, pedestrian areas, shared vegetable gardens, laboratories and retail facilities, and; 3) INNOVATIVE MOBILITY, with the entire master plan’s area dedicated to self-driving vehicles.

Systematica mobility consultancy consists in innovative and well-rounded multi-modal strategy – territorial and local accessibility, public transport systems, sharing schemes, on-demand services, walkability, parking strategy -, the vision is based on a comprehensive provision of intelligent mobility infrastructures coupled with a large array of smart, always available and green mobility services. Starting from the Decumanus, conceived as an actual innovation corridor, the road system inside the Master Plan’s area will become, over time, accessible to self-driving vehicles. The result will be an increasingly shared approach to transportation, with fewer vehicles needed to satisfy the community’s mobility demands, and with positive consequences in terms of less traffic, improved environmental quality, and new business opportunities.