The Perm General Plan, developed by the Municipality of Perm in association with the Perm Region Government, proposes a comprehensive vision for the future development of the city. It defines essential spatial conditions, development potential, limitations and desirable qualities for Perm. The Plan describes opportunities and development directions over an extensive period of thirty, forty or even fifty years and adopts the Compact City approach.

Within the third phase of its production, Systematica was requested to provide a specialized technical consultancy, covering mobility and transportation issues: road network (including road upgrades, new roads, redesign of street profiles and intersections); public transport; parking supply and management; pedestrian and cycle network. The work is mainly articulated in transformation and development phases, from the current situation to the definitive state of project, with proposed short-term (2016) and long-term (2022) measures. Issues already addressed during the Master Plan are now further analysed in detail in order to gain a more cognitive framework.