The Master Plan affects a peninsula that is surrounded by the Song Sai Gon (Saigon River) and is located a few km south from the central district. With an initial GFA exceeding 1,5 M sqm, the Master Plan envisages a mixed-use program, including residences, retail and offices, public facilities (school, medical centre), leisure attractors and a cruise terminal.

Systematica joins the design team to plan the transport network and mobility system, facing a unique-of-its-kind context where around 80% of movements are done by motorbikes and the overall number of trips has been growing at a very fast pace in the last ten years.

The mobility study developed by Systematica consists of: a comprehensive transport framework analysis; the forecasts of attracted/generated trips; a multimodal transport strategy, carried out both at local and urban scale.

Finally, Systematica defines also two project scenarios characterised by different road layouts servicing the entire Master Plan, used by private and public modes and shared with soft mobility users (pedestrians and bicycles).