This masterplan proposal benefits of a holistic and multifaceted approach, based on a forward-looking strategy. A new Free Zone, conceived as a world-class development, would be able to boost Salalah’s economy with significant social implications, through the delivery of a modern, functional, attractive district, as an exemplary case of proper urbanism that is based on the main principles of high quality of urban environment, sustain­ability and a well-conceived and integrated mobility strategy.

The conceptual Master Plan is based on five central principles:

  • Connectivity with a wider system of dense relationships among emerging and consolidated ports.
  • Rich and balanced mixed land use.
  • Public transport strategy at urban scale to assure a tight relationship among new investments and present potentials.
  • Realisation of liveable public spaces that defy the strictly industrial nature of the Salalah Free Zone development.
  • Use of sustainable technologies to increase the strong competitive edge that the development seeks and to render the area an attractive pole within a larger global system.