The parking lot of Santa Maria del Pianto is one of the interchange facilities (metro station + park and ride + bus terminus) that the Municipality of Naples intends to realize as fundamental support facility for the completion of the Metro line 1. The underground line plays a key role in the public transportation system for the entire metropolitan area. Thanks to many interconnections with the rail network, the new large car parking and interchange centres, a modal shift in favour of public transport is expected, as well as an improvement of accessibility to the city centre.

Systematica worked with Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners, focusing on the design of the interchange parking structure and on the analysis of the vehicular impact of the project, related to the estimated user demand. The pedestrian strategy, due to the high number of expected pedestrian trips, came out to be one of the central thematic of the project. Software based dynamic simulations were conducted, in order to ensure an efficient pedestrian circulation. These simulations allowed to optimise the pedestrian paths and to find adequate solutions to the critical issues during the planning phase. This analysis allowed a correct dimensioning of the metro access system and it has verified the functionality both of the pedestrian routes and of the vertical distribution (stairs and elevators).