SS36 Road is a freeway in the North of Italy that links Milan to Switzerland. With its 150 km length, it has a great importance in Lombardy region’s road network, being characterized by traffic flows comparable to those of a highway. Systematica is appointed by ANAS (Italian National Authority for Roads and Highways) to identify all the critical points of the infrastructure and to set up a list of interventions that are deemed necessary for improving the functionality, safety and user comfort level of SS36 Road.

SS36 Road Project is structured in two distinct phases. The first one consists in a technical and functional analysis of the infrastructure, requiring the comprehensive reconstruction of the territorial framework and including infrastructural, socio-demographic, and environmental studies. Through the development of the studies mentioned above, Systematica identifies and geolocalises all critical issues affecting the infrastructure and representing threatens/ limits to its performance level.

The second phase has the overall objective to define the essential interventions to solve the identified critical issues. These interventions include: refurbishment works; structural and safety setting works; and functional ameliorating works.

For each intervention, Systematica develops a concept design together with a cost estimation.

The ultimate goal of the study is to prepare a list of priority actions, considering technical, structural and functional issues, safety and social benefits. Priority actions allow to distribute the proposed interventions over the period of the works plan implementation (2017-2021).