Systematica participates in Zaarour Resort Competition with the Wien/Beirut-based firm Naajar&Naajar and the international Jury awarded the presented project the first prize. The purpose of the competition is to provide an architectural concept for the Zaarour Resort, through innovative solutions, and to propose a complex and diverse program capable to address the functional, climatic and complex needs of an international ski and summer resort.

Zaarour Resort is located on the eastern flank of Mount Sannine in Metn, Lebanon and it is used across the year, with a variety of seasonal activities, from skiing in the winter to swimming in the summer; the altitude ranges from around 1,500m to 2,000m above sea level. The site is composed of several hills, ski slopes, an artificial lake that cover an area of approximately 2,500,00 sqm.

Zaarour Resort is interconnected through a main road and a network of smaller streets; with the imminent extension of the main road towards Faqra the Resort promises to improve its accessibility.

Systematica contributes to the project design realising a wide area analysis aimed at tracing out catchment areas and land-use maps of the surrounding areas; defining the access system to the Resort; elaborating schematic design proposals for the roads located inside the Resort; analysing and designing the whole parking system.