Bruzzano masterplan


Systematica is delighted to be part of the multi-disciplinary team of the concept proposal from UNStudio and UNSense for a new intergenerational health themed urban district in Milan selected by Unipol for further design development.

Bruzzano is a district located on the Northern edge of Milan. UNStudio and Unipol firmly believe the future of the Milanese outskirts is dependent on projects like the development of the site in Bruzzano: that metropolitan integration and connection of Milan to its surroundings is an essential step towards a sustainable and resilient future of the city.

The goal of our proposal was to learn from the existing conditions and turn them into opportunities by forming a new neighbourhood with a strong identity and an enhanced sense of safety and security. UNStudio’s design for the Bruzzano masterplan proposes to form a new community where health, nature and people are at the centre of the urban design. 

To achieve neighbourhood level inclusivity and accessibility we imagined an ecosystem in which people, nature and technology live in symbiosis. 

Visualisation from UNStudio’s concept proposal for the Bruzzano masterplan

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