CityLife Awarded Buildings Design is Unveiled


Systematica is thrilled to announce being part of the winning team led by BIG-BJARKE INGELS GROUP for the design competition of the two last vacant plots inside the CityLife Development in Milan. 

The proposal is a new 53,500 sqm gateway to Milan, a development with two individual buildings of different heights connected by a 140m long hanging roof structure to form a generous urban-scale portico as the entrance to the development from north and along the Domodossola station axis. 

The proposal takes into consideration the current road network and urban fabric surrounding the site and offers a high quality public realm, integrating the CityLife development area and the city. The new buildings are expected to be completed by 2023.

Systematica covered all mobility aspects of the project, ensuring efficient and seamless vehicular accessibility to the project site and parking spaces and improving walkability towards and within the CityLife Development.

See the links for more information about the project from architects website and Corriere Milano.

Image is courtesy of BIG-BJARKE INGELS GROUP. 

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