Systematica for Kölner Perspektiven Zur Mobilität


The “Cologne Perspective for Mobility” is a cycle of six conferences organised by the City of Cologne, in partnership with the Chamber of Commerce of Cologne and the KAP Forum in Cologne. Also known as “Cologne Speeches” the six conferences are focused on the issue of shaping the future of urban mobility and involves professionals from all over Europe.

The 2015 series of conference sees the participation of firms and professionals coming from the city of Copenhagen, Milan, Stockholm, Wien, and Zurich.

Diego Deponte, Systematica’s Partner and Technical Director, joins the event to present an ad-hoc selection of recent and relevant case studies, with the aim of highlighting how exploring local contexts can be vital to set up the most suitable transport strategy at any scale of analysis.

The crucial topic of shaping the future of urban mobility is tackled by Diego Deponte in light of the key principle of tailoring transport planning. The topics discussed are organised into four different sections: 1) Urban Growth and New Challenges; 2) Urban and Transport Planning; 3) Expo 2015 meets Milano: The Transport and Mobility Framework, and; 4) National and International Case Studies.

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