Electric Mobility: towards zero emissions


The first edition of our publication on Electric Mobility: towards zero emissions is finally available!

In this book we take a look at the electric mobility uprising and how it is poised to change the cities we live in and plan for.

Electrifying transport is a lot easier said than done. Equipment producers and operators are not the only ones who face new challenges: an entire industry sector is undergoing a massive technological change and all those involved must come to terms with the teething issues that are typical of secular shifts.

Here we attempt to shed light on this rapidly evolving subject, identifying obstacles and highlighting the ways to overcome them as well as the opportunities that may arise along the way. In line with transport planning’s multifaceted nature, we address this theme dividing the book into focus areas defined by project scale, from regional infrastructure to micro-mobility. The environmental aspect obviously plays an important role throughout the entire discussion, as it is an inseparable component of the electric mobility revolution.

In an effort to be as unbiased as possible we look at this delicate and articulate topic with sceptic eyes, boldly questioning even the most widely accepted truths. The future of road transport will undoubtedly include more electric vehicles, which will constitute a fundamental element of the sustainable future we are working to build.

Read more and flip through our research here.

The full book is available online here.  

The hardcopy of the book will be launched in a few months.

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