Expo 2030 Roma

Systematica_Expo 2030 Roma (Credit CRA-Carlo Ratti Associati for Expo 2030 Roma)

Systematica has been working with CRA-Carlo Ratti Associati to prepare the Candidacy Dossier for Rome as a candidate city for the Expo 2030, through the formulation of the transport and mobility strategy for the Event and the post-Event Legacy phase.

In continuity with the major event Giubileo 2025, the Expo 2030 project involves the transformation of the Tor Vergata area into the exhibition site for the 2030 Universal Exhibition under the theme “People and Territories: Regeneration, Inclusion, and Innovation”.

In line with the Expo theme, the project is geared toward innovation and sustainability, taking into account the Legacy scenario of the post-Expo, the urban fabric and different urban activities that will be stitched together.

Systematica devised an integrated mobility master plan aimed at reinforcing accessibility through both existing and planned infrastructure, ensuring a multimodal accessibility system and the promotion of alternative transportation modes and delivering an innovative and well-round mobility plan in line with emerging and planned mobility technologies.

The Expo 2030 transport master plan leverages the built infrastructure for the different transport networks and ensures the implementation of an integrated mobility model aimed at catering to the different mobility needs, providing sustainable, effective, resilient, and well-tuned solutions.

In addition, the design strategy aims to create new connections between existing and future hubs of attraction.

The visitor experience relies on access gates that ensure smooth and efficient entry while leaving ample space for visitor reception for an immersive access experience. Within the Expo 2030 site, pedestrianization will be dominant. The Central Venue will be the backbone where most of the Pavilions will be placed.

Other partners include the Rome Candidacy Committee for Expo 2030, Italo Rota, Richard Burdett, ARUP, and LAND.

Credit CRA-Carlo Ratti Associati for Expo 2030 Roma

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