Grasbrook District Competition, Second Phase


Systematica, as part of the team led by Herzog & de Meuron, was selected for the second phase of Grasbrook District Competition.

Grasbrook site is located close to the Hamburg city center along the Elba River and is currently a closed-off port area with mostly empty warehouses, some barely used port basins and listed buildings.

The new district is expected to cater for a population growth of 9% by 2035. It will include mixed-use functions such as residential apartments, schools, day care centers, sport facilities and cultural centres. Grasbrook district will be a place for an innovative urban development model.

The main mobility goals of the new district are to encourage the use of active and sustainable modes of transport such as walking and cycling and to achieve a substantial shift towards the use of Public Transportation through the extension of the existing metro line into the project and bus lines.

See the link for more information about the submitted proposal.

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