Paketposthalle Mixed-Use Development


Systematica moves into Phase 2 for the Paketposthalle Development (Ex-parcel post hall) in Munich, Germany as part of the team led by Herzog & de Meuron.

The urban regeneration project includes transforming the 19,000 sqm Paketposthalle historic landmark, built in the 1960s, into a venue for social and cultural activities to accommodate events hosting up to 10,000 visitors. The Master Plan also includes two towers and a number of residential and business premises.

Systematica developed the mobility strategy for the new development. The comprehensive mobility study aims to meet the Client’s aspirations in achieving a sustainable and smart development, hinged on the principles of Green and Transit Oriented Developments. The Master Plan is construed to offer a wide variety of green collective and individual transit solutions that reduce dependency on privately owned transit modes. The Study includes the tailoring of the project access system, shared parking strategies, improved public transport connections and design of the active transport system, mainly walking and cycling networks, stations and facilities.

See the links here and here for more information about the project.

Image is courtesy of Herzog & de Meuron.

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