Ineco and Systematica for Malta National Transport Strategy & Model


Transport Malta is in the process of developing a National Transport Strategy (NTS) and Transport Master Plan covering all relevant transport modes (road, public transport, sea, and air) for the short, medium and long term.

Ineco and Systematica were chosen by European Union and Transport Malta to develop the National Transport Strategy (NTS). The NTS will set the policy and framework for transport in Malta and a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) will be undertaken on the Transport Master Plan. The Transport Master Plan will be focused on transport sectors including land transport, public transport, ports and ferries, and air transport; for areas of particular intervention, and will include detailed sector action plans.

For these purposes a National Transport Model (NTM) will be developed. The model will be used for the testing and appraisal of transport scenarios and provision of transport forecasts. NTM will also produce outputs for more detailed local or project models, considering  the specific characteristics of Malta and future impacts of economic, social, land-use, infrastructure and transport service changes.

This project will identify current and likely future deficiencies in the transport network / system, test measures and scenarios to address identified needs, and appraise such measures at the appropriate level of detail.

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