EXPO 2015: Carlo Ratti and Systematica for Future Food District


“Placed at the heart of the site, near the crossing of the Cardo and Decumano streets, The FFD is one of the key thematic areas of EXPO 2015 ‘Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life. Two 2500 sqm pavilions – a real supermarket and a functional kitchen – surround a 4500 sqm public piazza. Moving through them, visitors have the opportunity to explore how production, distribution, preparation and consumption of food is evolving.”

Systematica has joined the team created by Carlo Ratti Associati for the project of Future Food District supporting the design activities and developing several studies concerning the expected pedestrian flows. In particular, Systematica has been developing a dynamic and static analysis of the accessibility system to FFD and investigating the internal circulation of the pavilions, by forecasting two possible scenarios, and the external cicrculation, focusing mainly on the expected inbound flows directed to the Supermarket. Finally, Systematica has been also studying the general capacity of some of the several elements composing the entire system: Supermarket, Area Coop, and Valley.

“As in the traditional market, the FFD Supermarket returns to being a place of exchange, where the focus is on the relationship between consumers, products and producers.”

For more information about the project, please visit the dedicated page.

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