Lecco Waterfront


The Municipality of Lecco has just approved the Lecco Waterfront project on May 26.

The project’s team, led by Studio Paola Viganò and composed of Systematica, Alpina Spa, Nexteco, and Ferrara Palladino e Associati, was awarded the first prize in 2021 for the competition for the refurbishment of the Lecco Waterfront, aiming to enhance the lake and urban context with a focus on sustainability and tradition.

Mobility is crucial in redefining the relationship between the built and natural environment. For this project, therefore, Systematica completed its mobility strategy consultancy services, which focused on a set of measures, such as detailed design for road signs and support for road design, to reduce the impact of vehicular traffic along the waterfront and enhance the offering of alternative modes of transport, such as soft mobility and public transport, following the strategic vision of the General Plan on Urban Traffic (PGTU) adopted by the Municipality.

The approximately four-kilometer-long refurbished promenade along the lake comprises the cycling and pedestrian paths that are part of a regional cycling itinerary of 290 km long, connecting Cremona to Sondrio (PCIR 03- Adda). Moreover, during the design process, the design team adopted the most updated national and international design guidelines on pedestrian and cycle networks and road signs to ensure a smooth and flexible introduction of the cycle and pedestrian paths within the built environment.

The following entities will finance the project:

– The PNRR for the waterfront promenade from Caviate to Bione
–  The Lombardy Region for the cycling and pedestrian lane within the Regional and National bike network framework
– The Municipality of Lecco

The image, courtesy of Studio Paola Viganò, depicts the long term vision elaborated during the competition phase.

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