Luxembourg in Transition Exhibition


Systematica is part of one of the four finalist teams led by 2001 Architecture that has been selected among 30 teams to develop the third and final phase of the “Luxembourg in Transition” international consultation launched in 2020 by the Department of Spatial Planning (DATer), Ministry of Energy and Spatial Planning, aiming to develop strategic land-use planning solutions and produce ecological transition scenarios to address the current challenges posed by climatic hazards and social issues in Luxembourg.

The finalist teams are to develop transition scenarios for 2050 for the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and its cross-border functional region by translating them into specific projects at various scales. The outcome of their consultancy is twofold:  to guide public policy on land use planning up to 2050 and initiate pilot projects designed to act as demonstrators of Luxembourg society’s ability to make a real commitment to the ecological transition. Therefore, the teams will be more present in the field and collaborate with other relevant stakeholders, including citizens, for a more cohesive participatory approach.

The team has proposed to tackle decarbonization through changes in diet supported by land use conversions. To that end, Systematica has devised an integrated multi-scalar territorial vision for mobility based on an ad-hoc green, innovative, and zero-carbon logistics strategy for the movement of food products within the entire Luxembourg territory. The strategy aims to reduce logistics’ environmental impacts and improve its performance, introducing the “Physical Internet” concept for urban consolidation centers optimization at a regional level and encouraging electric last-mile delivery at an inter-urban scale.

Other partners include 51N4E, LOLA Landscape Architects, Transsolar, Endeavours, ETH Zürich, TU Kaiserslautern, Yellow Ball, Gregor Waltersdorfer, Maxime Delvaux, and Office for Cities.

To make the outcome of the work of the finalist teams accessible to a broader audience, the DATer has entrusted the luca – Luxembourg Center for Architecture with the mission of curating an exhibition accompanied by a framework program to highlight the decarbonization challenge in the territory and emphasize the importance of more sustainable future scenarios.

The exhibition’s opening will be held on June 30 in the presence of the Minister for Energy and Spatial Planning, Mr. Claude Turmes.

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