Montecity-Rogoredo master plan update is finally published for consultation!


The update of the Integrated Implementation Plan (Programma Intergrato di Intervento) of Montecity-Rogoredo is now published by Milan Municipality for public consultation.

Systematica is proud to be part of the team led by Milano Santa Giulia spa on this urban regeneration project. The plan consists of over 400,000 sqm of mixed-use functions, over 200,000 sqm of housing, office, and 70,000 sqm of retail venues, mainly located in the northern area of the site.  The masterplan includes public functions as the Children Museum and the Arena, a multi-purpose venue for shows and sporting events that is included in Milano- Cortina 2026 Olympic Candidature.

Systematica was appointed to provide an integrated and comprehensive mobility master plan, including road network system for vehicular traffic, public transport strategies and active transport modes such pedestrian and cycling. Different alternatives were tested through static and dynamic traffic simulations at different scales.

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