Restart by Playing Milan


After almost two months of lockdown due to COVID-19, Milan is getting ready to move forward and restart its daily life.

Systematica responded to this issue by focusing on children’s recreational needs, prioritizing the exploitation of urban parks, playgrounds, and gardens and suggesting scheduled outdoor activities.

Our application “Restart by Playing” is designed to facilitate the safe use of public green spaces and parks for families with children by helping them planning their visit in advance. The extensive research behind this application is done by Systematica’s research unit TransformTransport takes into account the ratio of available public green space to families with kids in each neighborhood of the Milan.

The application encourages inhabitants to use the green public space in their neighborhood or the space available in adjacent neighborhoods when it is insufficient. In addition, this tool could be used by city governors as a valuable database for identifying underused areas that could be easily converted for recreational purposes through minor, temporary and reversible interventions.

See the link for more information about this research.

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