Naples, Capodichino Metro Station: Accessibility Study and Pedestrian Analysis


The metropolitan public transport authorities of the City of Naples, Metropolitana di Napoli, has commissioned Lord Richard Rogers to design the Capodichino metro station, as part of the extension Project of the current metro line.

Design comprises an overall vision of the entire master plan connecting the said station to a planned Park-and-ride auxiliary facility and to the international airport of Naples, Capodichino Airport.
The complex traffic conditions requires a detailed study for identifying the most appropriate access system strategy and to study the current and future traffic conditions, in relation to the airport authorities’ ambitious vision of doubling the airports capacity and, consequently, traffic in 2030.
Systematica was appointed to carry out a vehicular traffic and pedestrian flow analysis to assess the impact and compatibility of the Master Plan with the Airport’s necessities in terms of traffic demand and vehicular circulation. The study comprises also of a detailed pedestrian flow analysis for the Metro station to guarantee high spatial performance and geometric adequacy vis-à-vis the amount of passengers provisioned after the realization of the adjacent 900-parking-place park-and-ride facility and the increase in the amount of passengers reaching the Airport.

The study will be carried out and completed by the end of December 2011.

For more information about the project, please visit the dedicated page.

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