New A.S. Roma Football Stadium in Tor di Valle


Systematica was appointed by Euronova S.r.l. and Stadio TDV S.p.A., through the coordination of Parsitalia Real Estate and Lend Lease, to support the design of the new integrated multi-function Master Plan of A.S. Roma Stadium and Tor di Valle development in Rome, with the definition of the multi-modal mobility and accessibility plan.

The Stadio della Roma – Tor di Valle development would represent a new relevant pole of excellence for Rome, for the very articulated mix of private and public functions is made of – sport with the Stadium and Trigoria training fields, entertainment with the Convivium, the AS Rome Village and the commercial spine, office with the new Business District and the urban park -, as well as for its significant attractive role within both metropolitan mobility framework of Rome as well at regional and international scale, thanks to its strategic location and vicinity to Fiumicino International Airport.

Systematica has joined the multi-disciplinary work team, among which Studio Libeskind, Meis Architects, RTKL, ABDR and Land with the aim of setting out and verifying through ad-hoc transport modelling exercises, the overall multimodal accessibility strategy, the external road infrastructure system, the internal vehicular circulation system, all public and public parking lots, the overall pedestrian circulation across the public spaces which connects all functions to main nodes of access as the refurbished Tor di Valle Station, Magliana Station and very permeable and dense cycling / pedestrian network which leads to car parks.

The design proposal elaborated by the work team Stadio della Roma- Tor di Valle was officially unveiled at Salone delle Fontane (EUR) in Rome, on 15th of June, 2015.

For more information about the project, please visit the dedicated page.

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