West Bank and Gaza Strip: Systematica for the First National Transportation Master Plan


Systematica, together with a consortium of engineering firms – Politecnica, Idrotec and Air Support, was recently appointed, through a tender-award commissioning process, by the European Investment Bank to provide consultancy services for the National Roads and Transportation Master Plan of West Bank and Gaza Strip (Palestine). The Project will have a duration of 18 months during which the consortium’s staff and experts will be conducting work through an ad-hoc office in Ramallah. The objectives of the Project comprise the delineation of a national vision for the development of the land, maritime and air transportation supported by appropriate macroscopic traffic modelling and simulation tools. The Project addresses different scenarios of economic growth and political stability amidst a complex socio demographical and political context that characterizes the region. The Project will be enriched through concerted efforts between the consortium and the Ministry of Transportation of the Palestinian National Authority in order to achieve the Authority’s present objectives and aspirations and to draw a common vision for the territory’s future growth.

For more information about the project, please visit the dedicated page.

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