Shifting Paradigm: the impact of Covid-19 on transport planning (second edition)


The second edition of Shifting Paradigm: the impact of Covid-19 on transport planning is a structured collection of the most insightful investigations developed by Transform Transport since the Covid-19 outbreak.

The unprecedented disruption caused by the pandemic has given rise to a large cultural and technical debate on new upcoming forms of urban development and mobility to envision potential trajectories of new paradigms and keep up with the pace of our changing cities. Among the countless urban challenges, this book focuses on the issues of walkability, access to the public realm and barriers to enabling more localized living. Nearly 15 years after Systematica’s founder, Fabio Casiroli’s early investigations into chronocentric cities, we revisit the topic through the ’15-minute city’ paradigm, the latest perspective for fostering sustainable, inclusive and resilient cities, focusing on time as a shaper of urban experiences.

Through innovative city instruments, multi-dimensional metrics and deep learning techniques, this publication explores everything from the dense network of sidewalks to the actual accessibility to urban parks and investigates hidden people movement patterns through big data, video/image analytics and data sensors, unveiling emerging correlations that could support future urban scenarios and strategies. Relying primarily on the city of Milan as the analytical testbed, these methodologies have the potential to be replicated in many global cities, to help bridge urban structural gaps and inform effective intervention strategies to address today’s complex mobility challenges.

The book is composed of three chapters. The first chapter, Walkable Cities is focused on the theme of walkability. The second, Living Local is generally concerned with the theme of the 15-minute city. The final chapter, New Urban Metrics focuses on the application and use of new urban technologies to unearth hidden mobility patterns throughout the various pandemic phases, which could not have otherwise been studied using traditional transport planning instruments.

Shifting Paradigm: the impact of Covid-19 on transport planning is the second edition of the same publication first published in 2021.

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The book is available online here.

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