Vicenza SUMP


The Municipality of Vicenza recently adopted the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP), which will be focusing on increasing the quality of the urban space through the connection of the historic center with the surrounding neighborhoods, promoting technologies, and sharing strategies with the supra-municipal area.

To achieve that, the SUMP will embrace the following strategies: 

– metrobus lines, which, served by new convenient interchange parking lots, will be able to compete with private cars, and the activation of all new Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)  lines and the downtown shuttle

– interventions on public spaces to be dedicated to pedestrian mobility, more specifically, the redevelopment of areas near schools and the transformation of disputed spaces into shared spaces

– a cycle patch connecting the peripheral towns, bike sharing, and bicycle stations

– other traffic calming methods in favor of smooth public mobility, including the introduction of a Limited Traffic Zone (LTZ)  for freight, self-service delivery stations, and the reorganization of parking supply

Systematica supported the definition and analytical validation of the SUMP of Vicenza as part of the multi-disciplinary team led by the TPS Transport Planning Service (TPS) group and also composed of Tombolan e Associati.


Photograph by Stefano Intintoli on Unsplash

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