Strategic Due Diligence Consultancy for Arpinge


Systematica acted as transport technical advisor of Arpinge S.p.A., the first Italian private investor in public parking assets with respect to a new strategic acquisition.

Apart from providing a specific peer review of the seller’s due diligence documents, Systematica developed an in-depth analysis of the reference context and planning documents and the market study of the 5 parking structures.

The company has in fact recently acquired 5 strategic parking structures in Torino, Bologna and Verona. They include 3,300 parking spaces making Arpinge a leading Italian investor in the car parking sector. To date Arpinge is present in 5 important Italian cities with over 7,000 parking spaces under concession, equal to a traffic flow of more than 3 million vehicles per year and over 10 million euros of revenues.

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