Systematica at COP22, Marrakesh


Systematica joins COP 22, United Nations Conference of the Parties on Climate Change, held in Marrakesh. Within COP 22 international framework, Systematica was one of the speakers of Cobaty’s meeting, entitled Transformer nos villes dans un climat qui change (Transform our cities in a changing climate).

In line with the main topic of the meeting, Systematica’s CEO Giovanni Bottini delivered a speech hinged on two main aspects: urban planning methodology and energy consumption awareness. Concerning the first aspect, it was expressed the necessity of a methodology capable to prevent and/or avoid mistakes in the complex process of urban planning, by taking into consideration the specific genius loci, hence local resources and habits, while responding to the current needs cities are asking for. As it concerns the latter aspect, energy consumption awareness was presented itself as a strategic tool for reducing the demand for energy, therefore CO2 emissions, relevant in the biggest part of the contexts, especially within those implying limited funds.

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